Meet Lew Knopp


Lew Knopp

Lew Knopp, President of Titan Development Group (TDG) and All-American Construction.

Raining down on the world from the mountains of southern West Virginia, raised in Pittsburgh until high school where he joined the Navy in 1988. After 10 total years of broken service and time spent as a contractor, he moved to southern California and started All American Construction.

All American Construction started as a man and a truck and built into a multi-project,  construction services and asset mangement company. Servicing an area exclusively west of the 405 highway and the Pacific Ocean – Marina del Rey, Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Bel Air, Palisades area. Numerous projects consisting of new construction, remodel & repair from the historic renovation of the Venice Beach House (click here to learn more), to multi-living apartments & condos all along the ocean front, to an all kids gym called KIDNASIUM.  We completed a myriad of high end “specialty” projects, refurbished restaurants, built a couple sound studios and supplied a great deal of customer satisfaction through dedicated sweat equity meeting a customer’s vision.  Also, in that period  Lew’s main horse Rolando, whom he grabbed off the manpower pool on 14th& Colorado Street on one summer day in the late 1990’s, via All American Construction’s work success was able to get his entire family across the border and established in east LA in just 3-4 years. We designed and built projects of high quality & customer satisfaction compliant to all the seismic and Coastal Commission construction standards.

The California license was attained in 2000 in Long Beach, CA, currently active and has been in perennial good standing with the state of California since conception.

From spring of 2002, Knopp focused on risk management in support of the global war on terror overseas on U.S.’s southern border. Sporadically throughout that timeframe the diversity of general contracting, country-boy style solution providing on the fly mixing the most elite risk management skill set with carpentry, plumbing and general contracting manifested into a multi-disciplined general contracting firm entitled – Titan Development Group in 2006.

Adapting to a diverse situational variety in INCONUS federal contracting work attaching our cart per say to pre-positioned federal contractors, USACE, FEMA and select private entities post federal disasters. This work provided the medley of former special warfare in U.S. military and “solution provider” in building and construction project experience into a space called “federal disaster response.” Contracting from emergency/disaster responses, to crafting the southern border risk management/security solution, to bringing fuel & generators to afflicted in New York – these experiences working with much larger federal contracting firms and entities but is very specialized, uncalculable niches. The construction/security combination in tradecraft and understanding enabled a craftiness that was able to provide long stints of work in the following INCONUS federal emergency’s : 9-11, Hurricanes Katrina, Gustav Ike and Sandy, Oklahoma Ice Storms, California Wildfires and various border support services and work that took a multi-disciplined, yet calculable approach to resolving unforeseen acts of God, human displacement and urgency.

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We now have capability in the following states to provide general contracting & construction services: Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, New York, Florida, California and Texas.

Titan Development Group now is focused on strategic partnerships, growth and providing highly capable project management, general contracting and specialty services to clients all over southwestern PA, WV and Ohio.

svo-logoWe are certified Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)



Titan Development Group, LLC provides professional services and solutions to local, state, federal, corporate and private entities nationwide.

From Heavy Construction to Site Preparation, and Emergency Response to Disaster Clean-up, TDG is a solution provider capable of handling the unknown. Projects range from modernizations and restorations to new construction, civil engineering, and seismic corrections

Founded in 2007 by a former U.S. Navy SEAL, TDG is a Licensed, Bonded and Insured Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. The diversity and depth of our core management’s combined experiences enable us to provide an endless range of capabilities to our clients.

Lew Knopp – President