Architecture of Information Exchanges

Titan Development Group (tDG) provides a service for companies to formulate strategies to make better usage of their current data and information. Currently, new technologies combined with company human capital information and work flow processes are able to instantaneously provide timely critical information, real time situation reports, activate contingency plans, submit OSHA reports systematically minus ADMIN people, provide “hover” rates and marketing information to include even predictive analysis. Most information documentation and management systems currently are based upon 100 year old paper-driven and filing systems that are cumbersome, sweat equity driven for additional information and reporting and just overall antiquated. tDG has recognized this with almost all of its Fortune 500 clientele and has provided a service to converge disparate information systems into a scalable, easily manageable system suited for the end users current, and long term needs. This process takes the recipient from analog, or digital into the 3D High Definition world able to tie in mobile applications, satellite subscription, cultural control and defining elements for any brand or vision. The process consists of two phases. The first phase, very noncommittal long term, that reviews, assesses and provides a detailed floor plan of current information collection, filing and usage systems. The first phase is simply a situational awareness report that also provides detailed suggestions on transitioning current systems into scalable, more resourceful and efficient data management processes; this report will detail the numerous deliverables of the potential convergence as opposed to what, or how current systems are working, its cost, its efficiency and will clearly articulate a vision that shows the end user clearly ROI. The second phase is proposed in a good, better and best format to the end user and there is no further commitment once the overview assessment in the first phase is conducted and the report delivered.

Process Overview:
Titan Development Group (tDG) conducts a comprehensive Review of the end user/r (CLIENT) Network Infrastructure and Architecture of Information Exchanges (“Network”)

tDG conducts a Comprehensive Review of the CLIENTS Network to determine if the existing architecture is in a condition that can transition to a state that will support existing and/or future data sourcing, information protocols and enhanced applications that can be adopted by all of their business units and that will support future projects and vision.

tDG will assist CLIENT with their strategic technology needs from the planning stage through the execution stage. Initially, we will stabilize and administer your current network and IT environment while conducting a comprehensive Network Analysis for future concerns. Throughout each phase of the Network Analysis, tDG will plan, execute, and oversee your technology and data strategies, tailored to meet those goals of CLIENT’s Executive Team. tDG brings the same qualifications as a full­time Chief Information Officer (CIO) with years of senior level experience to align the objectives, strategies and tactics of technology to fully support CLIENT’s business objectives.

In the interim, tDG will act as your virtual CIO (“vCIO”) throughout the entire project and meet with your company’s IT and Executive Team (e.g. CEO, COO, CHRO and CFO or otherwise designated) on a regular basis to analyze and understand not only your current business operations that need to be supported today but also to stay current regarding future business objectives and initiatives: health, safety, environmental, security, compliance and emergency/disaster response. As your objectives and your IT environment evolves, tDG will ensure that the CLIENT stays current via their custom “Technology Roadmap”; realigning and optimizing the CLIENT’s technology spend to continually adapt to their changing business environment; And provide ongoing executive leadership to steer your company forward through this era of perpetual technological change. tDG will leverage any existing assets compatible with the CLIENT’s “Modernized Network”.

Technology Roadmap
A Technology Roadmap is an important strategic plan for the Executive Team, which clearly articulates the integrated use of your company’s people, process, and technology resources in support of both short-term and long-term business objectives. Most importantly, your Technology Roadmap is developed in collaboration with, and approval by your company’s Executive Team. The Technology Roadmap is not a theoretical exercise, it is an actionable business/technology document that maps out in detail exactly what will be done, and when, to support your company’s specific business objectives. The Technology Roadmap contains a complete description of Executive Sponsorship, Current State of Technology, New Capabilities Required, Capabilities to Retire, Future State of Technology, Gap Analysis, Timeline, and Budget. The Technology Roadmap is an excellent way for your Executive Team to “get on the same page” by providing six major business uses:

  1. Assists the Executive Team to reach a consensus about how to optimize the company’s people,process, and technology resources;
  1. Provides a realigned technology spend to best support business objectives, complete with a budget and schedule of when company resources will be consumed, and most importantly, a complete analysis of the Return on Investment (ROI Analysis) achievable through implementation of the Technology Roadmap;
  1. Assists the Executive Team to reach a consensus on what the delivered technological results will do to advance the company’s business objectives;
  1. Provides for the targeted use of information, data and mobile to create the “culture of a job site” and to monetize this culture on future “SMART” customer projects via transparency, accountability and technological efficiencies; the end customer is the very reason you are in business
  1. Provides a framework to help the vCIO plan, coordinate, and execute on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis;
  1. Provide the agility necessary for your company to adapt to the perpetual pace of technological change brought about by the Internet.

Planning and Execution
By utilizing tDG currently for both 24/7 tactical, technical support and our strategic consulting services to establish your Technology Roadmap, your technology landscape, from planning through execution, can be managed more effectively and economically in support of your business objectives.


The Technology Roadmap and Comprehensive Network Analysis will include:

  • An analysis of CLIENT’s existing Network including information protocols and data sources;
  • An industry “best practices” evaluation of the CLIENT’s current Network policies and procedures and standards;
  • Immediate recommendations regarding the Network, if any;
  • A Network Gap Analysis to strengthen CLIENT’s Network and its ability to expand and extend, and to accommodate state-of-the-art information protocols, data sources and enhanced applications; “Converged Network”.
  • A preliminary Network Modernization plan and Transition Management Services program. Will include “Convergence Benefits” and “Network Peripherals”
  • A preliminary cost estimate for Network Modernization and Transition Management Services;
  • Suggestions for the IT Department to finance Network improvements with a listing of current State and Federal grant programs; if applicable,
  • Plan to monetize the new state-of-the-art Converged Network on future projects; potentially utilizing tDG’s Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOSB) as your service provider.
  • A PowerPoint presentation that can be used by the IT Department to present the findings of the Technology Roadmap and Comprehensive Network Analysis.