Perimeter and Access Control


Titan Development Group through our proprietary cutting edge methodology and technologies has the ability to completely define and control the culture of any location, jobsite, or environment. The most innovative, completely encompassing approach to insuring environmental safety and security in the world.

Titan 360’s genesis was during a project our management team was tasked in 2007 timeframe to assist Granite Construction managing the multiple job sites and camps they worked from while erecting the border fence and SBI on our southern border. There were close to 100 different jobsites consisting of 7-15 miles of border fence work spanning Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. Titan Development Group engineered the camp layout, the egress & ingress, installed systematic approaches to contractor, subcontractor and asset management for Granite Construction and United States Army Corps of Engineers and ran perimeter security 24/7. These efforts greatly supported the fluidity and timeliness of their work and enabled them to provide the U.S. government their work on schedule, minus international conflict, theft, or any other problems generally associated to the U.S. southern border. Every 7-15 miles of work, upon completion it entailed picking up the stakes and moving to the next location, re-installing security and safety measures and forward thinking and alleviating issues for our client as they arose seamlessly. We won “subcontractor of the year” for our efforts on the border work in 2008 for Granite Construction and maintain this valuable partnership until this day. Combine this project with multiple other jobsite issues and anomalies within our portfolio, our core management’s construction & military experience and you get a well versed group in perimeter & access control concerns. It is our strong desire to be a proponent of eliminating waste and fraud inside the construction industry and thus, we give you Titan 360.