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Background: Titan 360 Consulting Services
In addition to providing your company with a wide variety of 24/7 tech­support services to support your company’s tactical technology needs, Templar Titan Consulting Services can assist with your strategic technology needs from planning through execution. Through our Titan 360 service, we will plan, execute, and oversee your security/technology strategy, tailored to best support your specific business objectives. Titan 360 brings the same qualifications as a full­time Chief Information Officer (CIO), a technology executive with years of senior level experience aligning the objectives, strategies and tactics of technology to fully support business objectives.

Consulting Services
Titan 360 will act as you virtual CIO throughout the entire project. Your “vCIO”, will meet with your company’s Executive Team (e.g. CEO, COO, CHRO and CFO) on a regular basis to stay current on your evolving security objectives; develop, and execute on, your company’s custom Technology Roadmap; Realign and optimize technology spend to adapt to your changing business environment; and provide ongoing executive leadership to steer your company forward through this era of perpetual technological change.

Technology Roadmap
A Technology Roadmap is an important strategic plan for the Executive Team, which clearly articulates the integrated use of your company’s people, process, and technology resources in support of both short-term and long-term business objectives. Most importantly, your Technology Roadmap is developed in collaboration with, and approval by, your company’s Executive Team. The Technology Roadmap is not a theoretical exercise, it is an actionable business/technology document that maps out in detail exactly what will be done, and when, to support your company’s specific business objectives. The Technology Roadmap contains a complete description of Executive Sponsorship, Current State of Technology, New Capabilities Required, Capabilities to Retire, Future State of Technology, Gap Analysis, Timeline, and Budget. The Technology Roadmap is an excellent way for your Executive Team to “get on the same page” by providing six major business uses:

  1.  Assists the Executive Team to reach a consensus about how to optimize the company’s people, process, and technology resources;
  2. Provides a realigned technology spend to best support business objectives, complete with a budget and schedule of when company resources will be consumed, and most importantly, a complete analysis of the Return on Investment (ROI Analysis) achievable through implementation of the Technology Roadmap;
  3.  Assists the Executive Team to reach a consensus on what the delivered technological results will do to advance the company’s business objectives;
  4. Provides for the targeted use of social, mobile and content to engage directly within the “customer’s lifestyle,” who is the very reason you are in business, and lastly
  5. Provides a framework to help the vCIO plan, coordinate, and execute on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis;
  6.  Provide the agility necessary for your company to adapt to the perpetual pace of technological change brought about by the Internet.

Planning and Execution
By utilizing Templar Titan’s Titan 360service for both 24/7 tactical, tech­support and our vCIO strategic consulting services to establish your Technology Roadmap, your technology landscape, from planning through execution, can be managed more effectively and economically in support of your business objectives.














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