T.E.S.T. (To Ensure Safe Travel)

T.E.S.T. Program Guide Book

Titan Protective International has developed a common sense training program that teaches strategies used by corporate clients in threat recognition andtpi_test_program response. The T.E.S.T. program (To Ensure Safe Travel) is an innovative program that has been used to safeguard key individuals from conventional and unconventional threats.

Through Titan Protective International, this T.E.S.T. program can now be employed by students who are studying abroad. This leading edge seminar and support program is designed to familiarize students with basic common sense safe travel tips, emergency response strategies, and key contacts overseas and when to contact them.

The Test program also includes activation of our foreign national teaming partners within 6 hours of natural disaster or terror related incident. Within 12 hours we dispatch Titan Protective International personnel to travel to the country of incident with a singular purpose of locating the student and returning him or her safely to the United States.

In non life threatening scenarios, Titan Protective International utilizes its former US State Department personnel in conjunction with its partnering foreign national legal defense firms to help resolve issues on behalf of traveling students, while ensuring these legal costs are minimized.

Titan Protective international provides valuable training and tools to students who are embarking for their overseas study. A comprehensive training seminar administered by a former US Special Operations with extensive background in international security is held in a convenient on campus location. Additionally, each student and their parents have access to a state of the art web application that provides real time updates that impact their country or region of study. The site also includes T.E.S.T manual information for quick reference purposes, key contacts for their location of study, and real time RSS feeds from the Department of State, as well as, world news agencies.

Finally, Titan Protective International will coordinate and execute evacuations to the United States in cases of Medical Emergencies.