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State of Texas … Lic #: C18606 via
strategic partnership with White Star Consulting, LLC)

List of Any/All you have,
including those who work for you!

List of Any/All you have,
including those who work for you!



September Eleventh – New York City Terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers

Subcontractor for the FEMA prime Contractor Phillips and Jordan, as part of the
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and New York City contracts to provide the following services:
* personnel and physical security,
* debris removal monitoring,
* forensic anthropology under the Brooklyn Bridge,
* videography, and
* consulting (list specifics).


Mexico maquiladora security contracts

Prime contractor for Sony Corporation,
Sony/Mitsubishi, and Sony/Sanyo cooperative contracts to provide:
* physical security,
* executive protection,
personnel cross-border escorts (US-Mexico),
* armored vehicle acquisition, and
* vehicle fleet management.


Iraqi Dinar currency escorts from Iraq to U.S. banks

Prime contractor to BBM Trade for the planning and execution of
the covert movement of billions of dinar from Iraq to U.S. banks
using Templar Titan teams trained and experienced in proprietary tactics and methods.


Executive protection security in Tajuana, Mexico

Prime Contractor in the planning and execution for the security of Toyota
Senior executives assigned to the Tajuana automobile assembly plant.

Received highest award given to contractors by Sony executives.

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Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas

First-line subcontractor for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Phillips and Jordan, PJ Dick,
Granite Constructions, Entergy, Allstate Insurance, USAA Insurance, Farmers Insurance, and
Pilot Catastrophe to provide Private Property Debris Removal, (PPDR) monitoring, videography,
damage assessments, security risk assessments, security of field repair personnel, and to
supplement other sub-contractors with Templar Titan specialist personnel for insurance
adjuster escorts, logistics support, fuel acquision and provision, and FEMA trailer camp
security in New Orleans, LA and Chalmette, LA.

Additionally, Templar Titan performed cruise ship security in Gulfport, MS
and Port & Harbor security aboard more than 40 bulk transport vessels providing
“shipboard detention of foreign crewmembers” as part of the DHS/ICE mandate.


U.S. California/Mexico border security

Subcontractor to Granite Construction, underwritten by Boeing Aircraft Corporation,
to construct fencing along the border.

Provided camp layout and perimeter fencing guidance, access control, and logistics
security to USACE as per the mandated camp design standard.


Hurricanes Gustav and Ike

Provided Man Camp Security for Entergy and North Star (electrical power companies)
and supported field damage assessments ahead of the primary repair task force.

Provided Debris Removal Monitoring for the cities of Katy, TX and Liberty, TX.

Provided asset protection for energy repair teams in Galveston, TX.


Texas/Mexico border/cross-border operations

Subcontractor to the prime contractor, providing trained, skilled, and experienced personnel
to escort executives to their company’s facilities in Mexico from Texas; each executive
traveled twice daily. Due to active threats, teams were challenged with providing covert
movement of these executives through high-risk urban areas. Teams were comprised of
former military Tier One combat experienced personnel and former SWAT law enforcement
personnel, all with advanced federal level training in executive protection, movement, planning
and communications. Clients included: Kellogg, Sony, Toshiba, Honeywell, Transfreight, and
an airboat company (need name or delete).


Hurricane Sandy World Trade Center Seven

Prime contractor for S.L. Green to acquire fuel for generators at WTC 7.

Created the E-FAST, (Expeditious Fuel Acquisition Services Team), to Escort fuel trucks
into the city before and during hurricane landfall, secured the trucks and fuel trailers
from looters, and maintained construction site security to allow for construction to
continue through the storm.

WTC 7 was the first construction site to resume full construction operations
following Sandy’s landfall and had no official lost days of work due to the storm.


Texas/Mexico border/cross-border operations

Prime contractor for American Eagle Outfitters to provide advice and guidance on a turnkey
security program for their Mexico manufacturing facility. Manage foreign executive
protection program and assist with logistics and inventory security management.

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Pittsburgh Steelers

Provided threat and vulnerability assessments, recommended and designed security programs and
protocols, and perform continuing security program maintenance and management for the
Pittsburgh Steelers Football organization, facilities, personnel, personal residences, and assets.

We continue to identify cyber vulnerabilities and inappropriate media disclosures to
reduce or eliminate negative exposures to personnel and business entities,
including associated liabilities.

I had a thought …
anything you put in this Project Section better be 100% spot on and worded both
carefully and properly so that none of your previous or current clients could
use this against you; therefore, I reckon an attorney needs to go over this
with a “fine tooth comb”.


Organized labor disruption, South Union Township Pennsylvania

Prime Contractor for (to – who is the client ?) the Lafayette Manor, an
Assisted Living Facility, to provide security and video record of labor disruption
between the healthcare workers union and the non-union staff.


International Kidnap Intervention, Response, and Child Rescue

Countries involved:
Costa Rica


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