Information & Data Management

Titan Development Group, offers professional data collection, and documentation services. Pulling core manpower strength from prior military and law enforcement services, Titan Development Group is capable of amalgamating into work groups of any sort, supporting, or force multiplying any governmental, non-governmental, or private organization to mesh evenly in support of any effort nationwide, or worldwide. The first in the field to actively utilize the FEMA camera for videography in support of post Hurricane Katrina efforts. TDG’s videography efforts helped instill accountability and provided a refrencable piece of information to be used against fraud and felonious litigation.

Event coverage from beginning to end of any catastrophic, disaster type of event worldwide. TDG’s core management are former U.S. military and law enforcment types. Combining these disciplines with the companies inherent exeperieces gained from 9-11, Hurricanes Rita, Katrina, Gustav, & Ike, California wildfires, Haiti, and more, make TDG uniquely qualified for your documentation and field reporting service needs. Putting “first boots” on the ground and reporting damages back to follow on organizations: FEMA, United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), prep-positioned Federal disaster debris management companies, and associated can prove timely, and help expedite the follow on emergency support services as well as posturing for clean up.