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Titan Development Group, LLC (TDG) serves end-users globally, delivered by professionals with a proven history of discipline, integrity, and the highest level of unique skillsets. Our team’s top priority is to meet and exceed every job expectation.

We embrace each new opportunity as a chance to prove ourselves via Consulting, Training, Direct Action, Support, and Products. Our clients are essentially unlimited, being: US and foreign government agencies, domestic and international companies, and worldwide private individuals.

Professional Services

Local, state, federal, corporate, & private entities nationwide
Federal Contracting
Health, Safety & Environmental Products
Information & Data Management
Disaster Restoration
“Do not depend on the enemy not coming; depend rather on being ready for him.”
Sun Tzu

Titan Development Group was founded and developed by Lew Knopp, a former U.S. Navy SEAL. Our success comes from being managed and operated by a highly varied group of board members, company officers & operators, and administrative personnel with backgrounds in: Building Construction (Commerical, Residential, Agricultural), Road Construction, Manufacturing, Mining, Program Management, Military Special Operations & Law Enforcement, and Banking/Finance.